Thieves Oil

Thieves Oil

Thieves oil is a combination of several essential oils. Some users and manufacturers claim thieves oil can help with a variety of health issues and conditions. However, few of the claims have research to support them. Thieves oil is a combination of several essential oils. The oils that constitute thieves oils include Cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, lemon, rosemary. Legend has it that in the 15th century, when a terrible plague spread like wildfire across Europe claiming more than millions of lives, four thieves from Marseilles were busy notoriously robbing people, who were dead, of all their possessions. The thieves themselves did not contract any infection as they had applied a powerful herbal blend of natural oils on their bodies. This came to be known as oil of the thieves or thieves oil.

The potential benefits highlighted in some studies include improving mood, antimicrobial properties, wound care, pain relief, fighting cancer, Body massage oil, Aches, and pains, Treating sore throat, Managing stress and anxiety, Healing cuts and scrapes, Skincare lotions, Plant disinfectants, Reducing fever and inflammation, Boosting immunity, Treating infections. Thieves oil is known to be good for mucus decongestion, air purification, household cleaning purposes, and as a personal roll-on blend. Thieves essential oil can be diffused throughout your home, filling the space with a warm, inviting smell, while also possibly purifying the air by killing airborne microbes. Aromatherapy (NAHA) suggests adding 50-100 total drops of essential oil to the diffuser and leaving the room with closed doors for a few hours. When re-entering the room, open all the doors and windows to clear the air. You can add a few drops to a bowl of boiling water and can inhale the therapeutic steam as it may clear mucus congestion and ease a sore throat. Place a towel on your head and breathe through your nose for a couple of minutes. You can also apply a few drops on a warm compress and hold it over your chest as it is known to help in faster recovery from cold and cough. You can make a DIY thieves oil spray used to wash fruits and vegetables, cutting boards, as well as mixed with dishwashing liquid. However, it is best to know if you are allergic to any of the oils before using them in places where they may get accidentally ingested.


Air Purifier, Body Massage, Herb, Household Cleaning, Aches And Pains

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