Sugar cravings are typically the result of several circumstances interacting with one another:

1. Unbalanced blood sugar levels
2. Carbohydrate cravings and a lack of “fullness” after eating non-sweet meals
3. Plain and simple behavior

You’ll need some assistance to effectively remove sugar from your diet and complete a sugar detox. Did you know that some essential oils can be used to flavor foods and beverages? Some essential oils can even aid in the fight against sweet tooth cravings. We’ve collected a list of the best essential oils to reduce sugar craving and to help you stay on track while effectively quit sugar. Let’s look at the most effective essential oils for sugar cravings and why they’re so helpful:


When citrus is inhaled, it produces a filling effect. Grapefruit is frequently cited as one of the greatest oils for fighting sweet cravings, and when mixed with Bergamot and Lemon, this oil synergy is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Grapefruit is the sugar kicker that does it all. It suppresses hunger, prevents carb and sugar cravings, helps balance blood sugar, and promotes emotions of well-being (which is handy when combating emotional eating). It may even have anti-obesity qualities.


When inhaled, peppermint, like citrus, may make you feel full. Its minty fresh aroma can also assist to redirect one’s focus away from their cravings. Fill a personal inhaler with it and sniff whenever you need a pick-me-up. Peppermint also aids with feeling fuller as it also promotes emotions of clarity and attention. 


Essential oil of cinnamon bark. Cinnamon has several uses, but in this case we want to highlight its blood sugar regulating and hunger lowering effects.