Star Aniseed Oil

Star Aniseed Oil

Star Anise Essential Oil may also be helpful in aromatherapy blends that are intended to help digestion and muscular aches or pains. Star Anise Oil (Illicium verum) is sometimes confused with Anise Oil (Pimpinella anisum) because both have similar names, both possess a similar aroma and both have similar, but not completely identical properties.

Star anise essential oil is one such essential oil that has the power to do just that. As it contains sedative properties, it is able to ease away any tension, stress, anxiety or even feelings of depression. It produces an uplifting effect on your emotions, making it a particularly useful oil for those who are feeling overwhelmed or mentally fatigued.

You can diffuse a few drops of the oil into a diffuser or vaporizer and put it in your room. Alternatively, you can add about 5-6 drops of the oil in a tub of warm, bathing water and soak inside for a few minutes to destress and relax your mind.

Illicium verum

Illicium verum Fruit / Seed Oil.

Clear Liquid with no Color or Light Yellow Color

Food Flavoring and Perfumery

Steam distilled

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