Rosewood Oil

Rosewood Oil is commercially used in perfumery. This oil is rich in linalool, a constituent, which can be transformed into a number of derivatives of value to the flavor and fragrance industries. Since it emanates a rose-like floral aroma, it is also considered an aphrodisiac and is known to be emotionally uplifting and enlivening. It is also known to be useful for calming the nerves during stressful times. Recently, Rosewood Oil has gained popularity in the skincare industry as it is believed to rejuvenate the skin and is being used in cosmetics preparations like lipsticks, eye shadow, creams, and massage oil.

Rosewood oil can be found in cosmetics to strengthen and regenerate the skin. It is, therefore, used to treat stretch marks, tired skin, wrinkles, and acne, as well as to reduce scars. Equally, this is also found to be extraordinary for treating dandruff, eczema, and hair loss.

Rosewood essential oil has been known to boost female libido by enhancing sexual desires and improving sexual performance. For men, other essential oils such as ginger or black pepper have the same effect. It can also be used for in cases of depression, stress, or fatigue. It can, of course, also be combined with other types of essential oils, such as mandarin and ylang ylang. Furthermore, it calms anxiety, offers emotional stability and empowerment.

Aniba rosaeodora

A top note with a medium aroma, this oil has a floral and slightly woody scent.

Colorless to pale yellow liquid

Wood, branches and leaves

Steam Distilled