Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Oil

Rosehips are the fruit of a rosebush. When roses die and are left at the bush, they go away in the back of vivid reddish-orange, round fruit. The tiny suitable for eating culmination are notion to % a effective medicinal punch.

All roses produce rosehips, however sure types along with Rosa rugose and Rosa canina are higher on the job. When deciding on rosehip oil, pick a product from a recognized producer to make sure the product is secure from pesticides.

Rosehip oil contains high numbers of fatty acids, and these are essential for building up strong cells which efficiently lock in moisture in the skin. Rosehip oil also rich in a variety of essential nutrients, including vitamins A, C and E.

All three play a part in maintaining healthy-looking skin, from protecting it from pollutants in the environment to supporting collagen production so it stays elastic and youthful.

These chemical compounds are present in high numbers in rosehip oil and they’re thought to have a variety of health properties, including being anti-bacterial.

Rosa canina

Rosa Canina Seed Oil

colorless to amber yellow clear oily liquid

Skincare, Cosmetics

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