Indonesian Essential Oil

It is the essential oil which plants are either native Indonesian plants or brought in centuries ago by foreign immigrants, traders, explorers, or colonialists. After hundreds of years, the plants were planted and cultivated by the population. The people become aware of their value, may it be for private and domestic use or as a highly-valuable traded commodity.

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All citrus oils come from the rind of the Citrus Fruit. Citrus essential oils are also all produced using cold expression, also known as cold-pressing. These are also great oils to take internally or diffuse. Most Citrus oils can help uplift your mood or your energy levels. On the other hand, Bergamot is calming and soothing to the emotions.

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Understanding that every cosmetic product needs to start with Jojoba oil, we carry your care, leading the next generation of premium Jojoba oil-based products. Our Jojoba Oil is 100% natural, cold-pressed, rich in Omega-9, and free of additives and preservatives, making our products healthier, more environmentally friendly, and an efficient alternative to chemical ingredients.


Specialty Essential Oil is our products which have its' own characteristic quality wise. We specifically made this oils for those who love to seeks specialness.

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