Peru Balsam

Peru Balsam Oil

Peru balsam essential oil is extracted from Myroxylon balsamum. Extracting the resin requires three different tappings of raw balsam. Next, cloths are laid to collect the resin, which takes approximately 15–20 days. The cloths are then boiled and pressed to gather the resin, which is steam distilled into essential oil.

Peruvian balsam essential oil has a wide range of healing properties from improving immune function to treating skin conditions, to help reduce the risk of infection. The main constituent of Peru Balsam oil is Benzoic Acid, which is known for its abilities to keep minor scrapes and skin issues “clean”. It can help with dry or rough, reddened skin. To calm irritated skin, mix a few drops of Peru balsam essential oil into a carrier oil and massage onto the affected skin.

The aroma of Peru Balsam Oil helps soothe out-of-control emotions, calm nervous tension, and can promote a tranquil environment. Balsam of Peru Oil also help bolster rest sleep and promotes a comforting affect on theemotions. Because Peruvian balsam essential oil is an expectorant, it helps the lungs expel excess phlegm and reduces a cough. This helps reduce the symptoms of cold, flu, and bronchitis. To clear the lungs and breathe easier, diffuse a few drops of this oil throughout the room. You can also add a few drops of the oil into a bowl of steaming water, cover your head with a towel and breathe in deeply.

Myroxylon balsamum

Myroxylon balsamum Pereirae Balsam Oil

Yellow – Brown slightly viscous liquid

Fragrance in shampoos and soaps, Flavooring, Skincare, Aromatherapy

Steam Distilled

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