Orange Valencia Oil

Orange Valencia Oil

The Valencia orange is the leading variety of choice, due to its vigorous, straight, upright & strong tree – that is abundant with fruits. The fruit is of medium to large in size, with a rich orange flesh & rind in colour. Orange Valencia essential oil may contain naturally occurring bergaptens or furo/furano-coumarins, which are known to cause skin phototoxicity. This means that skin can discolour when exposed to direct sunlight, and in some cases cause burning.

Valencia orange oil is useful in skin care for dull and oily complexions, congested, mature skin, and helps with minor skin complaints such as dermatitis, acne and soothing dry irritated skin. Aids in balancing water retention and obesity, as well as detoxification, treating constipation, dyspepsia, boosts the immune system and general well-being. Peace and calming, it is also useful in cases of nervous tension and stress, anxiety, depression and even anger. Studies have suggested improved cognitive function. It is also an environmentally friendly and relatively safe to use, effective solvent that is active against stains and sticky residues.

Orange Valencia Oil helps boost mood and increase energy, but also boasts a variety of other health benefits. This powerful essential oil can fight acne, relieve inflammation, promote better digestion, and improve the appearance of skin. It can also be used around the house to disinfect surfaces and freshen the air.

Citrus sinensis ‘Valencia’

Citrus sinensis Peel Oil

Yellow orange to deep orange clear liquid

Flavoring Foods, Beverages, Perfumes, And Cosmetic Products

Cold Pressed

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