Massoia Bark Oil

Massoia Bark Oil

Massoia bark is graded by its C10 lactone content and is available in grades of 50%, 65%, 90% and 95%. Produced from the bark of the massoia tree, the lactone is used as food flavouring and as an additive in the dairy industry.

Massoia Bark Essential Oil is considered a perfume oil. It has a deep, rich, warm, buttery, intense aroma with coconut undertones. This oil is high in lactones which give Massoia its distinctive aromatic notes. In perfumery, use it as base or fixative. Warming to the mind, body, and spirit, calms, relaxes, and revives.

The pleasant smell and texture possessed by massoia bark essential oil provides a soothing, relaxing, and reviving feel to the mind and the body and also improves the circulation of the blood in the body.

Cryptocaria Massoia

Cryptocarya Massoy Bark oil

Colorless To Pale Yellow Clear Liquid (Est)

Food Flavouring, Perfumery

Steam Distillation

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