Mandarin Oil Yellow Oil

Mandarin Oil Yellow

Mandarin plants and fruits are native to China while Mandarin Oil is widely produced in Italy — the biggest Mandarin Oil producer worldwide. Mandarin is a citrus fruit that is yellow in color and comes with pips. They are also commonly called tangerines or mandarin oranges. Apart from being used as a flavoring agent and in cosmetics, mandarin oil has other potential medical uses that can be very beneficial to our daily life. The essential oil is extracted from the fresh peels of fruits by cold-pressed technique.

Mandarin Oil has various benefits such as supporting healthy nervous, digestive, and respiratory systems. Mandarin Oil is also known for its soothing and uplifting aroma as its internal use helps maintain healthy immune function.

Mandarin Oil also helps to reduce acne, scars, and stretch marks: Mandarin Oil does not have an irritating impact on the skin and is safe to apply. You can directly apply this oil to your skin to reduce acne and scars. Additionally, Mandarin Oil can be used to reduce anxiety, and nausea: the oil is essential to reduce anxiety, and nausea through aromatherapy. The effective usage of the oil will help you get relief from stress and anxiety disorders.

Mandarin Oil is remarkable for dealing with cases of insomnia, nervousness, anxiety. It is one of the most calming essential oils that can help with depression and apprehension. Since young children are allowed to use it, parents use it as an opportunity to calm down hyperactive toddlers. Besides the hypnotic effect, mandarin oil helps to purify the air. The clean, fruity, and uplifting aroma is liked by many and leaves a sweet-smelling fragrance around the house. Mandarin oil provides all-around relief and is perhaps one of the best oils for calming and balancing the mind.

Mandarin Oil is photosensitizing. It should always be diluted in vegetable oil when used for massages because it may cause skin irritations. Always carry out a skin patch test before use. In general, (diluted) Mandarin Oil can be used by anyone from young children to seniors and women who are breastfeeding; however, as with many essential oils, avoid use on newborns or women who are less than 3 months pregnant.


Citrus reticulata blanco

Citrus reticulata peel oil

Yellow – Greenish Orange liquid

Cold Pressed / Vacuum Distilled

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