Kaffir Lime Leaf Oil

Kaffir Lime Leaf Oil

Kaffir Lime is a citrus fruit very similar to traditional lime but it is small in size and has a unique, rough, bumpy green skin. Unlike a regular lime tree, its leaf actually resembles two connected leaves. The leaves have a very strong, characteristic fragrance that cannot easily be substituted by other spices or even from oils extracted from other plants in the same family.

Indonesian kaffir lime is primarilly produced from the East Java region, however it is known to grow in other tropical climates like that of Madagascar and Thailand.

Kaffir lime leaves has an extremely anti-oxide composition by its atsiri oil which slightly reduce your stress level. The essence works by stimulating the brain to produce such hormone making you have a better condition and out of stress feeling.

Kaffir lime oil is used as raw material in many fields, some of which include pharmaceutical, agronomic, food, sanitary, cosmetic, and perfume industries. It is also used extensively in aromatherapy and as an essential ingredient of various cosmetic and beauty products.

Citrus hystrix

Citrus hystrix (Kaffir Lime) Oil

Colorless To Pale Yellow And Clear Liquid

Raw material for the production of food, beverage, cosmetics and household

Steam distilled

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