Healthy Hair Friend: Lemongrass Oil

Essential oils are excellent for revealing tension and improving mood. And when it comes to hair development, essential oils shine as well. Lemongrass, also known as Cymbopogan, is a herb recognized for its light but lemony scent. This essential oil is quite popular among people due to its numerous advantages and low adverse effects. Especially when it comes to the healthy of the hair. The following are five reasons why you should use lemongrass essential oil for hair development every day.

Scalp Cleansing

The cleansing of the scalp is a big advantage of utilizing lemongrass essential oil for hair development. Some of you may be wondering what the link is between scalp washing and hair development. Our bodies create sebum, an oily wax that protects our skin. However, it clogs your scalp’s pores, limiting blood circulation to your hair. Hair loss is becoming more common as a result of a lack of blood flow. By regulating sebum, lemongrass essential oil will keep your scalp clean. As a result, your body will be in an ideal position to produce healthier, shinier hair.




Anti Dandruff

To get rid of dandruff, try utilizing lemongrass essential oil. A 2015 study found that applying lemongrass essential oil on a regular basis can eradicate dandruff in seven days. But Lemongrass should not be applied directly to our skin as it will cause irritation and rashes. As a result, when utilizing lemongrass essential oil for hair development, exercise with caution.

Helps Hair Growth

Lemongrass Oil also can be utilized to promote hair growth. The procedure is straightforward. Combine the Lemongrass Essential Oil and almond oil in a mixing bowl. Apply a few drops to the roots and scalp of your hair. It will remove debris from hair follicles, allowing your body to grow hair. Cover your hair with a towel for approximately one hour. You can now wash your hair and call it a day.

Stop Hairfall

Hair loss is a frequent occurrence as a person ages. Hair loss, on the other hand, has become a prevalent issue among both youth and adults. At these ages, a variety of factors contribute to hair loss. Teenagers are addicted to hair style products including wax, gel, and colors. Such cosmetics make your hair look nice, but they actually harm it. If you’re battling hair loss, you should start utilizing lemongrass essential oil right away.