Frangipani Oil

Frangipani Oil

Commonly known as frangipani, it’s found throughout Central America, the Caribbean, and similar tropical climates. Blooming in summer and fall, plumeria flowers are large, fragrant, and typically red, yellow, or white. Besides looking beautiful in a centerpiece, its scent is widely popular for its strong, exotic fragrance. It’s also incredibly long-lasting, making it a popular addition to skin creams, perfumes, and lotions.

Frangipani oil is also a growth stimulant and has antibacterial properties as well as antioxidants. Benzoic acid is one such potent antioxidant. It helps decrease tissue damage that results from chronic diseases. This versatile acid may even have anti-cancer properties. The plumeria flower also contains glycosides (a sugar compound), which help support collagen – an important component of the skin’s connective tissue. Glycosides are often used in skin care preparations as they help promote the absorption of other ingredients. They even serve to hydrate the skin thanks to their unique ability to bind to water molecules. Use no more than 4 to 5 drops for every 5ml of body lotion or carrier oil. Apply the mixture all over the skin and pat dry or allow full absorption.

Used in aromatherapy, its oil is considered refreshing by many. It’s useful in relaxing muscles and calming nerves. Frangipani oil has even been used as an aphrodisiac. Frangipani has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This maintains a healthy body by virtue of eliminating harmful toxins and free radicals from the tissues. The oil’s purifying qualities protect the organs from damage.

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