Fir Needle Oil

Fir Needle Oil

This essential oil is made by steam distillation of the leaves/needles of the coniferous Siberian Fir (Abies sibirica).

This essential oil is effective in treating colds and flu. Being an expectorant, it will help to thin mucus and expel it from the respiratory system. Its anti-inflammatory property will reduce inflammation of the airways, restoring ease of airflow. As an antiseptic and antiviral, it will counter respiratory infections. Use in a chest rub (in a carrier oil or balm) or in steam inhalation. In a room vaporizer, it will help clear and purify the air for convalescents.

This oil can be used as a stimulant for the circulatory system, whether absorbed via drops in a warm bath, steam inhalation, or through aromatherapy massage. The stimulation of the lymphatic system and the liver helps process toxins out of the body, has a diuretic effect and will reinvigorate a sluggish metabolism and immune system. Add the oil to sports massage and aromatherapy blends or warm baths to soothe tired and aching muscles. The oil’s analgesic properties will help to reduce pain.

Abies siberica

Abies Sibirica Oil

Colourless To Pale Yellow Liquid

Expectorant Product, Massage Oil, Aromatherapy

Steam Distilled

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