Fingeroot Oil

Fingeroot Oil

Finger Root is part of the Ginger family. Steam distilled from the roots of the Fingerroot plant, this incredible essential oil is known for its warm, camphorous aroma that is fresh and slightly floral. Finger Root can be used to help support a healthy digestive system and offer relief from occasional digestive upset. The aroma of Finger Root Essential Oil is especially useful when suffering from a queasy stomach. The calming properties can be useful to help promote a positive atmosphere that will help you cool down when feelings of anger are prevalent. Fingerroot contains anti-inflammatory properties and as such very effective for treating rheumatism, muscle pain, gout and arthritic pain. It is also used traditionally for reducing inflammation in women’s uterus.

Finger Root Essential Oil is another great choice to clear congestion in the head and chest. Use it in an Aromatherapy inhaler or in your Diffuser to clear up your head and chest, and breathe easier. Finger Root Essential Oil Can be used for hair care to promote a healthy, itch-free scalp caused by dryness and weather change. Add to your favorite shampoo and your scalp will be nourished and itch-free. Finger Root is an incredible oil that is versatile in its therapeutic properties.

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