Essential Oil for Babies Treatment

Some essential oils can be used on babies older than 3 months to assist induce sleep, soothe anxiety, and even ease colic symptoms. It is critical to learn optimal dilution ratios and application procedures before using essential oils on newborns.

Each essential oil is unique. While additional essential oils may be suitable for use on newborns and babies, when used appropriately and in moderation, these essential oils have been rated usually safe.


  1. Essential oils should not be used on babies younger than 3 months old.
  2. Aromatherapy can encourage sleep, calm anxiety, and relieve symptoms of colic.
  3. Essential oils are very potent and must be diluted with carrier oil or cream.

Chamomile Oil

German and Roman chamomile essential oils are soothing essential oils that might help newborns who have problems sleeping. Chamomile contains inherent sedative properties and is widely used to treat infant and adult sleeplessness. Chamomile, coupled with lavender, can help reduce colic symptoms. Chamomile has also been proved to alleviate anxiety and despair, as well as to cheer up a fussy infant.

Eucalyptus Oil (Eucalyptus Radiata)

Eucalyptus is a natural expectorant that can aid in the removal of nasal congestion. This makes Eucalyptus a popular choice in the frigid winter months.

It should be noted that Eucalpytus radiata is not the same as the more regularly seen Eucalyptus globulus. Eucalyptus radiata is appropriate for children and newborns. While Eucalyptus globulus is harmless for adults, children under the age of two should not be exposed to it.

Lavender Oil

Lavender has several soothing and sedative properties. A lavender oil massage might help a cranky infant calm and sleep.

Lavender may also be used to treat bug bites and relieve itching. According to a recent study, lavender is excellent in relieving colic symptoms.

Mandarin (Citrus reticulata)

Mandarin offers relaxing properties comparable to lavender, making it an excellent evening option for newborns who are sensitive to the lavender aroma.

Mandarin’s pleasant smell is preferable to other orange kinds since it is less phototoxic. This implies that it should not cause skin irritation even when diluted and applied straight to the skin.

Dillution Recomendation

When used on the skin, essential oils must be diluted with a carrier oil or cream since they are quite strong.

Infants and young children require dilution in particular. The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy advises a safe dilution ratio of.5 to 1 percent for newborns older than 3 months, compared to a 2.5 to 10% dilution for adults.

Because newborns have more sensitive skin than adults, the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians recommends that essential oils be avoided on infants under the age of three months.

Essential oils, even when diluted, can cause skin irritation and sun sensitivity. With each new oil, it is advised that a patch test (sometimes known as a “spot test”) be done on the skin.