Davana Oil

Davana Oil

The essential oil of Davana is obtained from the flower and leaves of the herb by steam distillation method. Davana is a native of South India. It belongs to the family of Asteraceae. Davanone is a major component. Davana oil is used to add flavour to beverages and perfumery formulations.

One of the greatest benefits of davana as an essential oil is that it can act as a preventative method for physical conditions. This means that the oil has been known to help protect the body against viruses using its antiviral properties. It cures viral infections like cough & cold, influenza, and measles, amongst others.

The Essential Oil of Davana loosens up tough coughs and phlegm depositions within the respiratory tracts and also makes breathing easier. It reduces congestion as well as decreases coughs, whilst dealing with other issues like headache and pain within the joints which are frequently related to having a cold.

Davana Essential Oil combats depression by means of relaxation. Additionally, it decreases blood pressure level in cases of anxiety as well as stress so as to give rest from symptoms related to stress and depression. You are able to sprinkle in your pillow for great sleep. You may also inhale its vapour to relax the mind completely. You may also apply it for massaging however with carrier oil.

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Perfumery, Aromatherapy, Flavour

Steam Distillation

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