Cubeb Oil

Cubeb Oil

Tanaman yang memiliki nama latin Piper cubeba, L ini merupakan tanaman yang masuk golongan genus Piper, yang ditaman untuk diambil buah dan dan minyak atsirinya. Minyak kemukus diperoleh dengan cara mendestilasi buah tak terlalu matang dan kering. Minyak kemukus kaya dengan kandungan sesquiterpen alkohol, sequisterpen, dan monoterpen. Komponen tersebut banyak digunakan pada industri sabun dan parfum.

 People use cubebs for increasing urination to relieve water retention (as a diuretic). They also use it to treat a certain parasitic infection in the intestines called amoebic dysentery. Other uses include treatment of intestinal gas, gonorrhea, and cancer. Some people take it for loosening mucus. Cubebs contain cubebic acid, which might have an effect on the urinary and respiratory tracts.

Cubeb oil acts as a stimulant in the body and promotes the proper functioning of the system. Its diuretic properties increase the quantity and frequency of urination and help in cleansing the system. cubeb oil uses are effective against coughs and relieve the symptoms of bronchitis. Add 3 drops cubeb to a bowl of hot water for use as an inhalation, or cool this down for an antiseptic gargle

Piper cubeba

Piper Cubeba Fruit Oil

Pale Yellow to Yellow-Green Mobile Liquid

Personal Care, Cosmetic

Solvent Extraction and Steam Distillation

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