Cardamom Oil

Cardamom Oil

Cardamom essential oil is extracted from the dried seeds of the plant by steam distillation. Cardamom is a member of the Zingiberaceae plant family. It is sometimes known as cardamon. Cardamom is the third most expensive spice in the world after saffron and vanilla .Cardamom is a perennial herb which is native to tropical Asia. However, despite the high price, cardamom essential oil, especially the organic kind, is important for many skin and health-related benefits

Cardamom contains antibacterial and other disinfectant properties. If used as a mouth wash by adding few drops of this oil in water, it disinfects the oral cavity of all germs.  Cardamom is widely used in South Asia to fight tooth and gum decay and disease. It can also be used to help soothe a sore throat and relieve hoarseness of voice.

Cardamom oil has a warming effect. This means that it heats up the body, promotes sweating, helps clear congestion and coughs, while also relieving symptoms of the common cold. It also provides relief from headaches that result from illness and can be used to cure diarrhea caused by extreme cold. Cardamom essential oil stimulates your entire system. This stimulating effect also boosts your spirits in cases of depression or fatigue. It also stimulates the secretion of various enzymes and hormones, gastric juices, peristaltic motion, circulation, and excretion, thus maintaining proper metabolic action throughout the body

It is the essential oil in cardamom that makes it such a good digestive. This oil boosts digestion by stimulating the whole digestive system. It is also stomachic in nature, which means that it keeps the stomach healthy and functioning properly. It helps maintain the proper secretion of gastric juices, acids and bile in the stomach. It also protects the stomach from infections. It promotes urination, which helps people lose weight, lower blood pressure, remove toxins and clean calcium and urea deposits from the kidneys. Cardamom oil helps to neutralize the effects of tobacco, insect bites and even the ingestion of mild poisons. Furthermore, it can clear the bowels, cure colic, remove bad breath, heal oral infections, and alleviate the pain of toothaches

Amomum cardamomum

Amomum cardamomum seed oil

Pale Yellow – Yellowish

Cosmetic, Medicine, Massage oil, Mouthwash and skincare product

Steam Distilled

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