Blue Tansy Oil

Blue Tansy Oil

Originally a wild-harvested Mediterranean plant, blue tansy is now cultivated mainly in Morocco. The above-ground flowers and stems of the blue tansy plant are gathered and steam-distilled. In the distillation process, one of the chemical components of the oil, chamazulene, is released. When heated, chamazulene turns deep blue, giving the oil it’s indigo-to-cerulean hue.

Blue Tansy oil is useful for soothing minor pain and topical inflammation; and when looking to ease hot, itchy bug bites. here is ample evidence that two of its major components help with inflammation. These components are Sabinene and Camphor. Camphor and sabinene reduce inflammation in the body. Chamazulene is also an anti-inflammatory agent. Blue tansy oil is recommended to help alleviate the pain of sunburn and to help minimize skin damage caused by free radicals

Blue Tansy oil help promote balance and calm for mind and body. Typical essential oils work directly on the nervous system to enhance relaxation. Its perfect for messaging into skin diluted in a carrier oil to aid the body in the natural recovery process. Put a few drops of Blue Tansy oil to a diffuser and settle into a comfortable position, and then breathe deeply. You can also add the oil to a personal diffuser such as a bracelet or inhaler stick. 

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