Black Pepper Oil

Black Pepper Oil

Black pepper is one of the most commonly used spices in the world. Black pepper and white pepper both come from the same plant species. But they are prepared differently. Black pepper is made by cooking the dried unripe fruit. White pepper is made by cooking and drying the ripe seeds.

Black pepper essential oil is a magnificent antibacterial that eliminates these creepy, crawling microbes. Consider keeping a bottle in your kitchen to disinfect food and protect yourself from bacterial infections.

To add spice and flavor to meat, fish, and soups, add a drop to your food. This will also help aid in digestion. Beware, consuming too much black pepper essential oil can make you nauseous, so use sparingly.

To melt away stress, soothe achy muscles, or relieve arthritis, consider adding a couple drops of black pepper essential oil to your next massage. Simply combine a few drops of essential oil in an unscented lotion and rub into the muscles in a circular motion.


Piper nigrum

Piper nigrum fruit Oil

Almost colourless to bluish-green

Flavor, massage

Water Steam Distillation

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