Benefits Of Lemongrass

The Benefits of Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a herb native to Sri Lanka and South India, but it is now grown in many other countries around the world. The plant’s stalks are commonly used in Asian cooking, but lemongrass can also be brewed to make tea.

Many people find that sipping hot tea is relaxing, but lemongrass tea has additional anxiety-reducing properties.

Lemongrass aromatherapy can also help people who suffer from anxiety. People can relieve tension by inhaling Lemongrass Oil while drinking tea. It aids in the relaxation of both the mind and the body, as well as the reduction of stress.

Lemongrass is also a common ingredient in nausea supplements. Most herbal products contain dried lemongrass leaves, aromatherapy with the essential oil provide similar benefits.

There are numerous benefits of Lemongrass Tea such as relieving anxiety, lowering cholesterol, preventing infection, boosting oral health as well as boosting red blood cells level and relieving bloating. 

As consuming Lemongrass can be a solutions to problems in our daily life, Take notes that not every essential oil is consumable., ensuring the source of the Lemongrass are also equally important to it’s benefits. In Triefta Aroma Nusantara, we are guaranteeing that our products 100% made from pure essential oil that are safe to consume based on the character of the oil, as well as used in skincare products. 

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