Basil Oil

Basil (Ocimum basilicum L., family Lamiaceae), is an annual plant which produces white or purple flowers depending on its type. The native Omani basil grows well in several regions of the world, even in the hot conditions prevailing in the desert. Basil oil is steam distilled from leaves of Ocimum basilicum L. It is widely used in natural perfumery for its complex fresh green-herbaceous character and rich balsamic undertones.

Basil oil possesses excellent anti-inflammatory properties that work well in warding off skin irritations, small wounds and sores. In skincare, teh effective anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Basil oil also helps in controlling the outbreak of acne, it can also be used for treating insect bites and skin conditions like psoriasis. The soothing effects of basil leaves help in healing eczema. The goodness of vitamin C boosts skin cells metabolism and elasticity. The natural components present in basil are beneficial and aid in unclogging the pores by eliminating excess sebum, dirt, dead cells, and other impurities from them.

In aromatherapy, Basil oil is used to help restore mental alertness and fight fatigue since its naturally a stimulant. The high linalool content provides a relaxing odour which has been shown to relax muscles. Message it self can alleviate various stress-related and muscullar conditions. The odour could be useful as such when used as a fragrance.

Ocimum basilicum L.

Ocimum Basilicum (Basil) Oil

Pale yellow to ambered yellow liquid

Aromatherapy, Food, Perfumery, Medicine, Skincare , Haircare

Steam distillation

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